Our partners for a sustainable future

About the SÜLZLE Group:

The SÜLZLE Group is an international company that is family-run in the fourth generation and has 140 years of experience and tradition. It comprises the nine divisions SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner, SÜLZLE Nutzeisen, SÜLZLE Hagmeyer, SÜLZLE STAHL Ehrenfriedersdorf, SÜLZLE KOPF, Kopf Syngas, SÜLZLE KLEIN and SÜLZLE Armierungstechnik. The strong group of companies is enthusiastically committed to the topics of steel, energy and the environment and stands for sustainable entrepreneurship as well as competence and innovative strength.
In total, the SÜLZLE Group comprises 27 locations in Germany and France with around 1,000 employees. Since 2021, all operational business areas have been CO2-neutral.

“The Green Innovation Park is characterised not only by its holistic sustainability claim, but also by its focus on co-creation when working on innovations. The further development of our family business will take place here at the Green Innovation Park. Among other things, there are already plans to locate innovative start-up investments from SÜLZLE in this business park of the future.”

Heinrich and Andreas Sülzle, Managing Partners, SÜLZLE Group

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About Drees & Sommer

Innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation. As a leading European consulting, planning and project management company, Drees & Sommer has been supporting private and public clients and investors in all matters relating to real estate and infrastructure – analogue and digital – for 50 years. Through forward-looking consulting, the company offers solutions for successful buildings, high-yield portfolios, efficient infrastructure and liveable cities. In interdisciplinary teams, more than 4,000 employees at 46 locations worldwide support clients from a wide range of sectors. The partner-managed company provides all services under the premise of combining economy and ecology. This holistic approach is called “the blue way” at Drees & Sommer.

“What has long been a recipe for success in the automotive industry is still quite slow in the construction sector. Modular construction not only promises efficiency and savings, but also simplifies climate protection and the recyclability of buildings. The Green Innovation Park demonstrates how a forward-looking cooperation of all actors in the building project must look: the project management, the planning services, the modularisation of the planning and the selection of the later building partners are all in one hand. The goal: to save time, reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary interfaces. At the Green Innovation Park, we want to establish a new, sustainable as well as digital industry standard for the construction sector in order to simplify the planning, engineering, production and assembly of individual buildings.”

Steffen Szeidl, Managing Director, Executive Board Drees & Sommer SE

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About kadawittfeldarchitektur

kadawittfeldarchitektur, founded in Aachen in 1999, today stands for far more than architectural design alone with a team of over 160 employees. The linking of architecture and interior design at the interface to urban planning and urban projects reflects the interdisciplinary approach and the range of creative work.
The conviction that you cannot think of a house without its surroundings, and that every building project thus entails a social responsibility, is the basis of all the office’s projects. The design approach of kadawittfeldarchitektur is based on the view that architecture has the ability and task to create added value beyond its functional purpose, for the benefit of the users and the public.
The work of kadawittfeldarchitektur has received numerous awards and recognitions. Well-known projects include the conversion of Salzburg’s main railway station, the adidas Laces in Herzogenaurach, the Grimmwelt in Kassel, the RAG Kreislaufhaus at the Zollverein World Heritage Site and the New DFB and its academy currently under construction in Frankfurt a.M.

“With its modular and cycle-friendly construction and the all-connecting green façade band, the architecture also gives creative expression to the project’s sustainability claim. Healthy, recyclable materials, green roofs, a diverse mix of uses and differentiated open spaces equip the Green Innovation Park for the future.”

Gerhard Wittfeld, Managing Partner, kadawittfeldarchitektur

More information on www.kadawittfeldarchitektur.de

About E.ON

E.ON is a privately owned international energy company headquartered in Essen, Germany, focusing on the business areas of energy networks and customer solutions. As one of Europe’s largest energy companies, E.ON is taking a leading role in shaping a green, digital and decentralised energy world. To this end, around 78,000 employees develop and sell products and solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers. More than 50 million customers buy electricity, gas, digital products or solutions for electromobility, energy efficiency and climate protection from E.ON.

“The Green Innovation Park is exemplary for an innovative and integrated energy concept. The optimal use of local energy sources combines the sectors of heating, cooling, electricity and mobility and enables a CO2-neutral supply. The consistent focus on sustainability by all partners involved in this project shows that cooperation and joint investments to achieve climate protection goals are worthwhile.”

Patrick Schneckenburger, Management, E.ON Energy Solutions

More information on www.eon.com

About Bayernwerk Natur

Bayernwerk Natur GmbH develops decentralised, customised energy solutions and operates more than 200 energy-efficient and regenerative power plants such as biomass heating plants, biogas and bio natural gas plants, combined heat and power plants, heat pump plants, geothermal plants, pellet heating systems, gas and steam turbine heating plants as well as wind and small hydroelectric power plants. Bayernwerk Natur also offers customer-oriented solutions for heat supply.
Bayernwerk Natur GmbH is headquartered in Unterschleißheim. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayernwerk AG.

“I am pleased that together with the family-owned company SÜLZLE we can help shape a true area of the future. With our know-how and years of experience in decentralised and regenerative energy generation, we have developed a balanced and, above all, sustainable concept that is ideally suited to the needs of the future trades.”

Franco Gola, Managing Director, Bayernwerk Natur

More information on www.bayernwerk-natur.de

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Today, the family-owned company employs around 17,100 people worldwide and generated sales of 2.4 billion euros in 2020. The headquarters are in Blomberg, Westphalia. The Phoenix Contact Group includes fifteen German and four international companies as well as 55 sales companies around the world. Internationally, Phoenix Contact is present in more than 100 countries.

“With an integral smart building design, we look at the Green Innovation Park from a 360° perspective. Our focus is on developing the Green Innovation Park together with the project partners into a living space that adapts to individual needs and is both adaptable and expandable. We need to rethink neighbourhoods and buildings for our society and our economy!”

Stephan Volgmann, Management, PHOENIX CONTACT

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