Green hydrogen: The H2 Grid funding project of the state of Baden-Württemberg

About the H2-Grid lighthouse project

The funding project “H2 change” is creating a model region for green hydrogen in Baden-Württemberg. As one of four lighthouse projects, H2-Grid stands for the development of a system for the local and cross-grid production, storage and transport of hydrogen. It is also about using it as efficiently as possible in municipalities, industry and households. The overarching goal of the project is to establish a hydrogen economy that contributes to the decarbonisation of energy production, the mobility, industry and building sectors.

Our sub-project in the Green Innovation Park

South of Stuttgart, directly on the A81 near Sulz/ Vöhringen, an extraordinary construction project is being built on the initiative of the family-owned company SÜLZLE. The Green Innovation Park is an innovation campus and business park for national and international companies, start-ups and companies in the growth phase with holistic sustainability requirements in the areas of energy, construction, ecology and digitalisation. Through a new coexistence of work and life, innovations and technologies in development and production are driven forward to ensure a sustainable future for us.

Flyer H2 Wandel

As part of its environmentally friendly and completely CO²-neutral energy concept, the Green Innovation Park and its partner Bayernwerk Natur are planning, among other things, the construction of an electrolyser with 500 kW as part of the support programme. The electrolyser will be operated using the surplus electrical energy from the PV systems that will be built on the roofs of the Green Innovation Park in the future. This produced green hydrogen is becoming increasingly important with regard to climate-friendly mobility and will then be marketed to customers in the model region via the central H2 grid. In this way, the household, industry, municipalities and mobility sectors such as buses and trains can be supplied with the green energy carrier in the future. In addition, reverse power generation for the industrial park is also conceivable.


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