DECEMBER 20, 2017

The development of the GreenInnovationPark in Sulz-Vöhringen is progressing. With a joint groundbreaking ceremony of the special-purpose association “Interkommunales Gewerbegebiet”, the investors and the ARGE on December 20, 2017, the starting signal was given for the development of the building plots in section B.

In close coordination with the responsible authorities and under expert supervision, elaborate nature conservation and compensation projects have been implemented on the site over the past 1 ½ years and new retention areas for the relocation of lizards have been created. In close cooperation with the environmental protection agency of the Rottweil district office, for example, woody plants were cleared and chopped to create deadwood piles.

The first construction measure for the development in Section B is the leveling of the 80,000 sq. m. area to produce plots suitable for building. As part of soil management, 180,000 cubic meters of fill material will be added. In addition, the demolition of the old brickyard and professional disposal of the industrial wasteland will be an essential part of this construction measure.

Mayor Hieber of the city of Sulz a.N. emphasizes the good cooperation and the opportunities that result from such a cooperation, for example the creation of new jobs.

For us as a city, this is a stroke of luck, says Mayor Hammer of Vöhringen, we are pleased to have a strong partner from the region.

The Sülzle family from Rosenfeld acquired the property with the brickworks in 1986. From 1951 to 1995, clay was mined here for the production of bricks. According to Heinrich Sülzle, the family is planning an innovative industrial park on the site as an investor in cooperation with the special-purpose association. A major advantage of the location is the connection to the A81 – the innovation axis between Stuttgart and Zurich, emphasizes Sülzle. In the coming months, several implementation variants are to be examined and developed over the course of the next few years.