Energy supply concept for your sustainable and innovative company

BAFA Heat Grid SystemE 4.0 – funding application submitted

In the Green Innovation Park, an innovative and intelligent energy supply concept is being implemented together with the partner Bayernwerk Natur, an E.ON subsidiary, for the sustainable and resource-saving supply of the entire industrial quarter with sustainable heating and cooling. The energy supply is to be provided by an interplay of various resource-conserving renewable energy sources that are networked with each other and avoid the use of fossil fuels as far as possible. As a result, a primary energy factor of 0.049 is currently being achieved.  The infrastructure will be modular and flexible. A central component is the use of near-surface geothermal energy. Furthermore, the planned energy concept provides for the integration of additional system components such as hydrogen technology and a computer centre. The waste heat generated is used as a source of waste heat and fed into the heating network.

Local heating medium-temperature network

  • Local heating medium temperature network
  • Geothermal field
  • Temperature variable up to 50°C flow
  • Decentralised heat pump in each campus
  • Energy centre with WWP and heat recovery
  • DHW demand from 55°C via electric instantaneous water heater or HP
  • Cooling supply via chillers, modular expansion of energy centre